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Park Policy, Rules and Guidelines

Pixieland Amusement Park is a venue designed for toddlers and children up to age 8.  We ask our guests to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive of a family atmosphere. 

Violating Pixieland policies and rules may result in a guest being asked to leave or removed from the park.


All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to screening / security checks within Pixieland and at its entrance.  Pixieland reserves the right to disallow any bag, parcel, cooler, or other item inside Pixieland premises and to process any unattended object in such a way that is deemed appropriate.

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Alcohol is NOT permitted in or around Pixieland.

  • A City of Concord ordinance disallows alcohol anywhere within Willow Pass Park.


  • Smoking is not permitted within Pixieland premises or the parking areas.

  • A City of Concord ordinance disallows smoking anywhere within Willow Pass Park. This includes tobacco, marijuana or any other illegal substance, e-cigarettes or any product that produces a vapor or smoke.


  • Pixieland expects all guests to behave in a family-friendly manner.  Inappropriate behavior is offensive and can jeopardize the safety and enjoyment of others.  Such acts may be cause for a guest’s removal from the premises.


  • Safety is the first priority at Pixieland. 

  • All personnel have been carefully trained according to OSHA guidelines. 

  • For the safety of everyone, all guests are required to adhere to any safety instructions implemented by staff while inside Pixieland premises.


  • Profanity or abusive language, symbols or gestures not conducive of a family appropriate atmosphere is not permitted.

Dress Code:

Proper, family friendly attire must be worn at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear, (no swim suits).  Clothing or tattoos with offensive language or graphics must not be visible at any time.

The following are examples of clothing not permitted:


  • Anything allowing indecent exposure

  • Promotion of discrimination or hate against any group

  • Graphic violence

  • Support of drugs and drug use

  • Gang symbols

  • Pornography


NOTE: Costume masks may not be worn by any guest over the age of 8.  When a costume mask is worn by our younger guests, the mask must provide unobstructed peripheral vision and openings that allow the eyes to be fully seen. Costume masks may not be worn on rides.

Prohibited Items include but are NOT Limited To:

  • Recreational devices such as drones, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, bicycles, remote controlled toys, Segway.

  • Wheeled mobility devices with less than 3 wheels or devices that cannot maintain stability and balance when stopped, unpowered or unoccupied.  Must be manually or electrically powered and operated at a walking pace.

  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana or any illegal substance

  • Weapons of any kind, or objects that appear to be weapons.  To include but not limited to:

        1.  Knives

        2.  Firearms / ammunition

  • Spiked clothing / jewelry

  • Fireworks/explosives

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

  • Whistles

  • Magic or permanent markers, spray paint

  • Selfie Sticks (hand held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices)

  • Glass containers

  • Any type of heating device

  • Boom boxes, radios or any musical output device

  • Folding chairs/Lawn chairs

  • Aerosol cans

  • High chairs

  • Folding tables or tables of any type

  • Tripods

  • Pets or other animals, except approved service animals e.g. dogs.  Service animals must remain on a leash or in a harness and under the control of the owner at all times.  Due to the nature of the rides at Pixieland, service animals are not permitted to ride.

  • Outside vendors of any kind.

  • Any item that is determined to be harmful or disruptive.


By entering Pixieland, guests grant Pixieland the right to film, video, record or photograph them on park property at any time without payment or consideration.  Pixieland requests that all photographs or video taken by our guests be taken only of those people within their own party, to be used for their personal use and enjoyment only.  Any use, reuse or reproduction for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Pixieland Officers is strictly prohibited.  No commercial photography of any kind is permitted. Specifically, the use of the following equipment is not permitted:

  • Any camera mounted to a vehicle, drone, cart, scooter or the moving object

  • Go Pro cameras

  • Lenses greater than three-and one-half inches in length

  • Interchangeable lenses of any kind

  • No cameras (video, still, cell-phone, smart phones, etc.) are allowed on any rides at any time.  No exceptions.


NOTE:  Guests must have written permission to use photographs and / or videotape of Pixieland images for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing or publishing in any form.

Ride Restrictions:

  • Safety is our number one priority.  Guests with certain body proportions, or of certain heights / weights may not be able to enjoy certain rides if the safety restraints do not engage as designed.

Rider Responsibility:

  • There is a risk involved in participating in any amusement ride.  It is the expectation of Pixieland that riders exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner.

  • Guests must also obey all oral and written warnings and properly use all ride safety equipment. 

  • Guests who do not comply with ride rules will not be allowed to ride.

  • Some images shown throughout this website may not represent current operational guidelines.

Service Animals:

  • Pets or other animals, except approved service animals (e.g., dogs) are NOT allowed inside Pixieland.

  • Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of such work or tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack, or performing other duties.

  • Service animals are working animals, not pets.  The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. 

  • Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals.

  • Service animals must be house broken and remain on a lease or harness and under the control of their handler at all times.

  • Owners are responsible for disposing of their animal’s waste.

  • Guest whose service animal demonstrates aggressive and / or annoying actions toward a guest or team member will be directed to remove the animal from Pixieland.

  • Service animals are not allowed on any Pixieland ride. 

  • Service animals must never be left unattended.

Oxygen Tanks/Air Concentrators:

  • Due to the dynamics and certain characteristics of the rides, oxygen tanks or portable systems are not permitted on any Pixieland ride.

Company Rights:

  • Pixieland is an outdoor venue, days and hours are subject to change throughout the seasons as the weather permits.

  • Hours are subject to change without notice and without refund, liability or compensation if management considers that the circumstances so require.

  • Pixieland reserves the right to refuse service to anyone

  • Pixieland Policy and Rules may change at any time without notice.

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